The nature, objectives and scope of the activities of A.E. Ciencia y Cultura are stated in its constitutive Bylaws (“Estatutos”).

Bylaws of Science & Culture

Chapter I


  • Art. 1. With the denomination “Asociación Española Ciencia y Cultura”, it is constituted in Madrid under the Law of December 1964 and under the corresponding legal dispositions and complementary decrees, a non-profit society, plural, non-governmental, open, independent, of international scope, with ends and objectives specified in articles 3 and 4 of the Bylaws.

  • Art. 2. All those illicit end referred to in Art 3 of the laws of Associations are explicitly proscribed and will not be pursued under any pretext.

  • Art. 3. End of the Society: It is the essential end of the Society to support those activities which may foster the close connection of Science and Culture, the spreading out of both within the framework of the Spanish catholic tradition, through the appropriate activities oriented to this end, without any discrimination based on race, sex, political or religious creed.

  • Art. 4. To this end the Society could carry out the following activities:

    1. Research projects, national or international meetings, conferences and special courses.
    2. Technical support for persons, especially young scientist and humanists interested in the interactions between science and culture.
    3. Actions oriented to the development of both, science and culture, harmonically integrated.
    4. Scientific and humanistic publications spreading both.
    5. Defence of human life, from conception to natural death, from a cultural perspective, in the framework of the Spanish catholic tradition.
    6. As many as possible undertakings oriented to the Society’s and as they are aimed viable and opportune.

  • Art. 5. For the best complementation and further development of its ends and activities, the Society is entitled to solicit any type of economic support from individuals, Foundations or Public Organizations of all kinds. At the same time, soliciting proper authorization, the Society could exploit directly or indirectly the facilities at its disposal for licit activities such as to promote, create, acquire, mortgage, rent goods and real state, specially residences, apartments, flats, day centres, dinning rooms, hospitals, clubs publications of culture, recreation, safety, tourism, general advise, transportation, etc., the benefits, if any, given the non-profit character of the Society, would revert to the Society, to assist people in need or people from the third word, once the expenses, salaries and professional payments are duly satisfied.

  • Art. 6. The scope of the Society will be international. Its provisional address will be fixed in C/ Pavía 4, 1º D, Madrid 28013, and the Board of Trustees entitled to change to another provisional address with previous notifications to the pertinent Authority. At the same time, the Board of Trustees is entitled to get either by renting, cession or purchase, other sites for the Delegations or Commissions which might e created depending legally of the Society.