In October 1990 Prof. Stanley L. Jaki, who had come to Madrid for a Symposium on “Physics and Religion in Perspective”, generously sponsored by BBV, UNED and the Matritense Economic Royal Society of Friends of the Country (RSEMAP) and had spoken at the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and natural Sciences with Dr. Ignacio Cantarell, Dr. Rodolfo Núñez de las Cuevas and Dr. Julio A. Gonzalo, among others in attendance, proposed the creation of a Society to foster science within culture. Soon thereafter steps were taken to constitute such a Society, being Prof. Ángel Romero his first President, Mr. Santiago Fentanes its first Secretary and Dr. Ignacio Cantarell its first Treasurer.

From its inception, A.E. CIENCIA Y CULTURA has organized the following activities:

Activities organized or promoted by A.E. CIENCIA Y CULTURA

  • Symposium  on Física y Religión en perspectiva
    (With financial support by Fundación BBV, UNED, RSEMAP)
    Torre de los Lujanes, Madrid (1990) .

  • Summer Course: Cosmología: Cuestiones fronterizas
    El Escorial (UCM) (1993).

  • Academic Event... Homenaje al Prof. Lejeune
    Real Académia Española de Medicina (1994).

  • Conference by Prof. Antonio Molina (former Vice-Dean St. Thomas University, Manila)
    Torre de los Lujanes, Madrid (1996).

  • Academic Event: Centenario de la constante de Planck, by S.L. Jaki ( Princeton, USA)
    "Numbers decide or Planck's constant & some constants of phylosophy"
    Facultad de Ciencias, UAM (2000).

  • Special Symposium: "Great Solid State Physicists of the 20th Century".
    The Braggs. Debye. Bardeen. Landau
    IMF-10, Centro de Congresos, Universidad Complutense.
    Madrid (5 de Septiembre de 2001).

  • Metanexus Conference 2005: Three Communications
    Philadelphia (2005).

  • Metanexus Conference 2006: Four Communications
    Philadelphia (2006).

  • Conference by S.L. Jaki "The drama of quantities"
    Real Academia Española de Ciencias (2007).

  • Symposium on "Momentos Singulares de la Historia Cósmica"
  • Publication of the translation into Korean of "Cursillos in Christianity: Origins & First Expansion"
    Getsemani Publications: Seoul, 2009

  • Presentation of the book "Franco, Juan XXIII y la Cruz de Cuelgamuros", P.G. Calvo, P. de la Herrán, L. Togores, J.A. Gonzalo
    IEH-SP-CEU, Madrid, 2010

  • Conference: "El Big Bang y el universo sin Dios de Stephen Hawking, Julio A. Gonzalo
    U. San Pablo CEU, 2 de marzo de 2011

  • Publication of the book "Everything Coming Out of Nothing vs. A Finite, Open and Contingent Universe"
    Bentham Books, 2012

  • Presentation of the book "Querida España", D. Díez, Mª V. Piñar, J.A. Gonzalo
    IEH-SP-CEU, Madrid, 2013

  • Conferencia: "En torno a la Población Mundial", Steve Mosher, Presidente PRI
    U. San Pablo CEU y en U. Francisco de Vitoria, 2011

  • Presentation of the book "Intelligible Design: A Realistic Approach to the Philosophy and History of Science" (World Scientific, 2014)
    Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid

  • Presentation of the book "Cosmological Implications of Heisenberg's Principle" (World Scientific, 2015)
    Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid

  • Presentation of the book "World Population: Past, Present and Future" (World Scientific, 2016), M. Alfonseca, F.F. Muñoz, J.A. Gonzalo
    Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. Madrid

  • Torre de los Lujanes, Madrid (2007).